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Temporary Crowns

Temporary Crown Problems

There are a couple of reasons that temporary crowns are important. First, it protects the tooth from plaque and germ contamination. Second, it holds the tooth in place until the permanent crown is ready.

If a temporary crown accidentally falls off — even if it’s only for a few hours — your teeth can move and shift, meaning a permanent crown won’t properly fit. If that happens, save the crown and immediately make an appointment to see your dentist at Dental Care Marlboro to have the crown cemented once again.

While waiting to see the dentist, you can try to replace the temporary crown yourself. If it still fits and stays on the tooth, chew on the other side and make sure to contact your dentist about your emergency. If it doesn’t securely fit, you can use denture adhesive that can be purchased over-the counter. Put a small amount of the cream underside of crown, place it over the tooth, and gently bite down.

That might work for a bit, but it’s critical that you call the Dental Care Marlboro office at (732) 490-8101 so you can come back in and get it re-cemented.