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If you have unusually long teeth or a “gummy” smile, it’s time to visit the periodontists at Dental Care Marlboro to help you reshape your gum line to expose your ideal smile. They can also work with your general dentist right here in our Marlboro office to create the foundation for beautiful veneers and other restorations.

Gummy Smile

gummyWhat’s considered a “gummy” smile? Many people feel this is the result of teeth that are too short, meaning more of your gums are exposed. Other patients have uneven gum lines, which can result in some teeth appearing shorter or longer than others.

Fortunately, there is a simple procedure that can eliminate both of these issues. We can remove the excess gum tissue to expose more of the “crown” of the tooth with a crown lengthening procedure. During the process your gum line is also sculpted, revealing a much improved smile.

These procedures can also prepare your teeth for any future restorations, such as crowns or veneers, if they are needed.

Exposed Roots or Long Teeth

Did you know that your gum line can make you look older than you are? This can happen when you have a receding gum line, which exposes the tooth roots and gives teeth unusually elongated appearance.

The exposed roots also put you at risk for cavities developing on the root. This can be treated with root coverage procedures like soft tissue grafts, which cover exposed roots, reduce further gum recession, and protect your vulnerable roots from decay and the teeth from cavities.


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