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Who wouldn’t love a healthy, bright smile? Teeth whitening at Dental Care Marlboro is a safe, easy, and fast way to get your mouth in its best possible shape, helping you project an image of confidence. The whitening only changes the color of your teeth — not the structure, strength or health.

At Home Whitening

white1The most cost effective solution is to whiten your teeth at home. All it takes is a whitening gel, which is placed in a small tray that fits over your teeth. You can expect to see results after 10-14 days.

One Hour In-Office Tooth Bleaching

zoomAt Dental Care Marlboro, we use the ZOOM! System, which was featured on ABC’s hit show Extreme Makeover. It only takes one hour to dramatically whiten your teeth, and you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of music, watch TV, or take a nap throughout the procedure.

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