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A lot has changed in the dental industry over the past few years, which is why Dental Care Marlboro has a strong commitment to advancing our practice with cutting-edge technology, new equipment, and advanced dentistry techniques. This ensures that our patients receive the highest level of care possible each and every visit.

Low-Radiation and Digital X-Rays

digital_x-rayLong gone are the days of using standard, bulky film X-rays. Instead Dental Care Marlboro uses eco-friendly, digital X-rays that use 80% less radiation. This also results in a more pleasant experience for the patient, as a small comfortable electronic sensor captures and stores the digital X-rays on a computer, eliminating those sharp-edged films of the past. This also results in the image being able to be instantly viewed — and enlarged — which allows us to more easily detect any problems.

No More Paper Files

DigitalChartThanks to the switch to digital files, our Marlboro office is saving hundreds of trees and significantly reducing waste every year. We’ve streamlined our charting system, using computerized digital charts, which also allows us to connect directly to your individual insurance company. We can submit claims faster, and you can maximize your dental benefits.

New Smiles with Cosmetic Imaging

Are you wondering what your new smile will look like before you undergo treatment? Thanks to Dental Care Marlboro’s imaging software and portrait studio, you have access to a “before” and “after” photo before any work is done. This state-of-the-art technology can show you how your smile will look after everything from teeth whitening and spaces filled to straightening or replacement of discolored fillings.




Pre-Treatment Imaging


Complete Treatment